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From farmers who respect God's Design,

For foodies who demand higher standards.

70+ Farmers, 10+ Bakers, 12+ Artisans providing beyond organic: produce, grain, flour, old world bread, pastries, meat, eggs, and dairy.


10 Food companies control everything we buy and it's killing us.

It's obvious that our food system is broken. From farm subsidies that support unhealthy crop production and genetic pollution to food companies that do not have our health in mind.  For those of us awake we realize it is quite the opposite. Many of our closest friends and family have died of cancer and still more a dealing with chronic weight problems and disease.  Instead of fighting it we decided to opt out together to protect and nourish our families, friends, and neighbors.   

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

70+ Farmers and 10 Bakers Collaborating to Create a Local Food Exchange Center 

We wanted to eat better tasting food that was healthier while creating a collaborative community that encourages and financially supports the production of local beyond organic food. 

Free of Genetic Manipulation

As a cooperative we apose all MRNA or transgenic modication of people, animals, feed, and fertilizers. Staying true to God's genetic design.

Free of chemical interference

Many of our friends and family died of cancer, we don't need these pesticides in our  bodies.  Instead of manipulating nature we choose to build natural systems that mimic nature without the use of chemicals or synthetics.

Free of Additives & Processing Shortcuts

FDA approved unlisted ingredients, fake ingredients, man made substitances, highly processed componants, and additives from China, we don't want it in our food.

Milling Grain
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