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Become a Founding Member
of The Farmers' Stone Mill

With your help we are building a seed cleaning center and commercial stone mill to provide local organic farmers the ability to clean, store, and mill exceptional flour for the community.  We would love for you to be part of this project and reap the rewards as we opt out of the conventional food system together and secure abundance and health in our neighbors.

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This cooperative was built to protect and nourish our friends and family from a broken food system, and to uplift and support local farmers who raise crops and animals in God's design.
The Storehouse has
50+ farmers active, including contracted farmers to grow organic wheat to be delivered this fall 2023. After harvesting the wheat we will need a way to clean, mill, and store it safely without the use of chemicals to protect the integrity of their hard work and build a truly local infrastructure that ensures quality and lower costs for families who patron the cooperative.

To get there we need to
build a commercial grain cleaning center & stone mill and packaging line.  This mill will supply the local community, storehouse members, and the surrounding major cities with organic, highly digestible, glyphosate-free ancient grains that protect and nourishe the next generation.

We can't do this without you. For your generosity we would like to share with you the following rewards.


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