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Private Membership Association

Farmers’ Storehouse Food Cooperative (A Private Membership Association) 

By paying the membership fee to Farmers’ Storehouse you agree and accept the offer made to become a Private Member of Farmers’ Storehouse Food Cooperative Association ("the Cooperative Association" or "the Cooperative"), a private food cooperative membership association. As a Private Member of the Cooperative, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the following Membership Agreement. As Farmers’ Storehouse Food Cooperative Association is Hosted in the U.S and the membership fee paid in US Dollars, the Association and its memberships are protected under U.S Federal Law. This protection provides the following benefits to members and enforces the Cooperative Association’s private status. 

Farmers’ Storehouse Food Cooperative Association is a Private Membership Association. As a “Private Unincorporated Food Cooperative Membership Association”, it is hereby declared that we are exercising our right of freedom of association as guaranteed by the 1st and 4th Amendments of the U.S Constitution and equivalent provisions of the various State Constitutions. This means that our association activities are restricted to the private domain only as an unincorporated association. The Cooperative Association is protected under the 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th and 14th Amendments.


1. This Cooperative Association of Private Members hereby declares that our main objective is to protect our right to life by freely choosing the food that sustains our health and wellbeing.

2. As Private Members, we affirm our belief that the Creator guarantees our rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather together for the lawful purpose of advising and helping one another in asserting our rights.

3. In the interest of securing our food system, the Private Members agree to protect the financial interests of the Farmers’ Storehouse Food Cooperative. As a Private Member you understand and agree that you will not make any financial claim or lawsuit against the Farmers’ Storehouse or the Cooperative Association.

 4. As a Private Member you understand and agree that you have entered into the private jurisdiction when accessing Farmers’ Storehouse and that you have chosen to do so freely and of your own will and that you respect the private nature and confidentiality of Farmers’ Storehouse including but not limited to, all activities experienced by any Private Member, which are considered private matters that are absolutely not shared in anyway whatsoever with any public entity, corporation, or organization without the express written permission from Farmers’ Storehouse.

5. As a Private Member you understand and agree that Private Members enter into this agreement to cooperate in providing nourishing food for the Members and their families. Private Members agree that they will not assist in procuring food through their membership in Farmers’ Storehouse for any non-member who is not a member of their household. Private Members will not use benefits derived from their membership to provide products or services to any non-member, whether such provision is made for free or involves payment by the non-membe.

6. As a Private Member you agree to protect the Cooperative, its farmers, millers, employees and associates. As a Private Member you agree that you will not repackage, rebrand, or resell any product issued by Farmers’ Storehouse, unless you have the express written permission of Farmers’ Storehouse.

7. As a Private Member you understand and agree to forever take responsibility, unlimited liability and 100% risk for your own respective safety and health.

8. As a Private Member you understand and agree that you have the absolute freedom to make all your health choices and that you are entitled to access information free from censorship in order to make determinations for yourself and where applicable you acknowledge, agree and accept that any choice you make regarding your food, health, and wellbeing is completely your decision, free from coercion or duress and that you make your decisions freely and of your own will.

9. As a Private Member you understand and agree to always act honorably towards the Cooperative’s Members. When providing advice, support, information, sharing resources or experiences or interacting with the Cooperative in any way, you agree to act honorably in your communications. For the avoidance of doubt, “Acting Honorably” in this context means that if you were to describe people or actions as honorable, you mean that they are good and deserve to be respected and admired. To the highest respect and of great esteem and the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right.

10. As a Private Member you understand and agree to abide by the Cooperative Association’s code of conduct and agree to recognize any person who is in accordance with these principles.

11. As a Private Member you understand and agree that you are entering into this Membership Agreement of your own free will. You affirm that you do not represent any state or federal agency whose purpose is to regulate the production, distribution, or consumption of food, agriculture or consumer products. You have read and understood this document, and your questions have been answered fully to your satisfaction. You understand that you can withdraw from this agreement and terminate your membership to the Cooperative

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