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25lb Stable Whole Rye Flour

25lb Stable Whole Rye Flour

$62.78 Regular Price
$50.22Sale Price

MILLERS NOTE: For the true complete rye nutrition we suggest the RAW RYE FLOUR.  You are currently looking at a shelf stable selection.


This old-world bread flour, is created specifically for artisan bread production. Rye is often chosen by pregnant women for its high magnesium and iron content often rare within the American diet. When combined with steam, this high-protein blend will produce breads and pizza with blistered, flaky crust on the outside and airy chewy goodness on the inside. If you are trying to perfect old world sourdoughs or traditional french baguettes or any other artisan bread then this flour is for you.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Rye Wheat


FAVORITES: Flavor-filled Whole-grain Bread, Rustic Sourdough Bread, Hearty Nordic and German Bread, Whole grain brownies.

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