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25lb All Purpose Flour (High-Malt)

25lb All Purpose Flour (High-Malt)

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 This is not your typical unbleached, organic flour.  You’ll notice the difference right away as you experience the superior taste of this unique blend.  The grains are sourced from farmers who raise wheat in God’s design without the use of glyphosate, a chemical commonly found in non-gmo and conventional wheat farming operations.  In addition, the malting and low heat milling ensure exceptional taste and digestibility.  It’s flexability for use in just about any recipe makes this flour blend the best of both worlds and an excellent backup when you don’t have specialty flours at your fingertips.  You can also utilize this as your base flour and substitute 25%-50% with whole wheat flours to add even more body, fiber, and flavor to your recipes.  


INGREDIENTS: Organic Hard Red Wheat, Organic Malted Barley


FAVORITES: cookies, pretzels, tortillas, muffins, light breads

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