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Silicone Fermentation Stretch Lids

Silicone Fermentation Stretch Lids

Silicone fermentation air lock stretch lids. Patent pending fermentation stretch lids - just one single piece, each silicone stretch airlock lid immediately turns any wide mouth mason jar into a vegetable fermenter Set it and forget it - our self-burping silicone fermentation stretch lids are designed to grip the top of any standard-sized wide mouth mason jar creating an air-tight seal. Simultaneously, each lid is equipped with a one-way pressure release valve; this waterless airlock allows built-up carbon dioxide gas to escape during fermentation without allowing oxygen into your fermenter Homemade probiotic-rich food made easy: fermentation stretch lids are perfect for all diy fermentation needs. Make your own pickles, sauerkraut, ginger, pickled eggs, kimchi, vinegar, hot sauce & more. Get creative!
• Made in United States
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