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It's our purpose uplift farmers with better pay and resources so they can be successful in helping our families opt out of the genetic and chemical contamination of our crops, animals and people.  Investors help the CoOp leverage crop contracts and new equipment that will help us better serve our famers in cleaning, drying, storing, milling and distributing to the public and retail partners.  For your investment you will receive an excellent return, weekly payments, storehouse discount status, and have the security of commodities instead of abstract stocks. Join us and discover the health, wealth and abundance that abounds from investing in your community.

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Farmers' Investment Fund Details

Investment: $10,000 (Minimum)

                    $120,000 (Maximum)
Current Rate Offering: 8.8%
Payout: Weekly

(Cash or Auto Bank Transfer)
Terms: Choose between 1-3 Years

Fund Manager: Chris Adare

Chris is a seasoned financial analyst, graduate of mathematics, a fund investor and owner at the this CoOp.

If you believe in our mission and want to earn solid returns in something meaningful while having the stability of your money in organic bulk grains instead of an unstable stock market then this is the investment for you. Your investment will be used for inventory and crop purchases from farmers. In the best case scenario your going to make a great return and enjoy extraordinary benefits. In the worst case scenario your investment will be converted to grain, which if you look throughout history, tends to do very well during “unstable times”. We’ve paid out over eighty thousand dollars across the past year and made great friends and received reinvestments in the process.  We hope you join us too and become a driving force for this community.

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Receive automatic weekly
payouts at 8.8% APR.

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Enjoy investor status and
15% off everything
in the Storehouse &
Bakery and online for the
life of the loan.

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Invitation to select investor and shareholder meetings.

Ask for John or Chris

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Do you share in the mission to uplift organic farmers and protect and nourish families with a fully integrated food system? Do you believe in agriculture without mRNA, GMO’s and chemical contaminants? The door for ownership and branch location development has always been open for the right individuals who share our values and mission.  At this point we don’t need investment, but we will bring on others with the right values, capital, experience and connections if it enables us to leap into the next step in the plan with mutual benefit for all.  Because this is our life purpose, owners are 100% performance based and do not receive salaries, so when the team is compensated, you are compensated.  The decision creates a group-think of value driven growth around creating intrinsic value for customers instead of just making noise so we can beter protect, provide, and nourish our families friends and community.   

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Ownership of Farmers’ Storehouse its assets and cooperative mission.

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Leave a lasting legacy that
protects communities and
supports organic agriculture.

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Monthly dividends and discounts for you and your family.

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Ability to own your own branch and retail location. (Majority Vote Required)

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Heavily discounted food staples and food security for your family.


Voting power and invitation to investor shareholder meetings.

Ask for John or Chris

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