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Incoming Crops

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7 New Crops Incoming May

Thank you for choosing our farmers and milling team. Your grains will be 30%+ off the retail price until crop is released to the public.

April Crop Totals: 110,000lbs

Organic Ancient Emmer ARRIVED!
Organic Hard Red Wheat ARRIVED!
Organic Pearled Barley ARRIVED!
Organic Rolled Oats ARRIVED!
Organic Steel Cut Oats ARRIVED!
Organic Whole Oat Groats ARRIVED!
Organic Soft White Wheat ARRIVED!

Milling: No charge for Milling Services (Fine, Course, Cracked, Grit)

SALE ENDS: MAY 30th, 2024

PACKAGING DATE: JUNE 3-7th, 2024 (Shipping and pickups will be available after.)

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