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All things Sourdough

Everything you need to master sourdough. Including flour, tools, and upcoming classes.

If your paying attention, you know it's not enough to be organic. These flours contradict the norm and contain significantly higher levels of malt and are free from added biotech enzymes, bromating, and folic acid or as the industry loves to call it "enriched flour". Trust us, your family notice the difference.

From the Millers

Ancient Berries & Raw Flour

Substitute 25% - 50% into your Bread Flour & All Purpose Flour recipies to add flavor, fiber and nutrition.

From the Beekeepers

This south-east honey is seasonal and limited from beekeepers with exceptional standards.

From our Grain Farmers

It's not just a commodity for emergencies.  Each grain has abundant flavor and nutrition just waiting to be unlocked to enhance your favorite recipe.

Select and Shop a Category Below and Rejoice in Good Food.

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