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Don't mail in your resume, just come in and see us. 931-738-3838

Positions Open:

Bakery Front Barista & Tea Consultant

Bakery Artisan Baker

Bakery Manager

Bakery Manager & Head Chef

Organic Bakery , Cafe , Coffee , Tea Bar- Hiring Artisan Baker, Cook, Kitchen Manager

Do you hate the current food system and think conventional food is poisoning people? Are you a fan of the simple life and love baking and cooking old world European pastries and breads and healthy sandwiches? Are you comfortable teaching, managing and leading a team of 7 bakers towards an end vision of protecting and nourishing the community with exceptional food. This is the Job for you!


About the Company

Farmers' Storehouse is a cooperative of farmers, families, bakers, and artisans united against the ever growing genetic and chemical pollution in our food supply. We support 103 farmers with beyond organic standards and help them sell their crops direct to the public. We specialize in grain acquisition and flour milling with custom specialty flour blends.


About Your Coming Lifestyle

You will manage a small and growing beautiful bakery in the heart of Tennessee’s upper Cumberland in Sparta, TN (Bluegrass USA). The town is equal distance from Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville. Your base of customers are conservative farmers and large families who have traditional values and high standards for food. Needless to say, country music and children will be ever present in your life. You will be able to utilize the milling team supply you with an endless variety of specialty flours or raw ancient flours for your bakery needs. You will also be the executive chef, director, leader for food at major events and parties upwards of 300 people several times a year.

Hours: We expect the manager to be there 5am-1pm *Hours are flexible provided results are the same.

Schedule: 5-6 days a week totaling 30-50 hours

Pay: $20-$25 an hour plus tips and great benefits.


- Large Employee discount on organic groceries, food staples, gifts and kitchen ware.

- 1 Free Organic Meal Per Shift (Unlimited Organic Teas & Coffees)

- Opportunities for advancement and ownership.



1.) You know how to bake (or can easily follow directions) old world European pastries and breads with minimal or no sugar.

- Croissants, Pain Au Chocolates, Pain Au Raisins, Biscotti, Danishes, Cookies, Pie, etcetera

- Sourdough and Loaf Breads (A variety of ancient grain blends on a daily basis)

2.) You cook at high-end restaurant grade standards

3.) Your work is purpose driven and not ego driven.

- You can keep your team focused, organized and in good spirits and lift them up with praise when they succeed.

- Your drive comes from a love of good food and family and protecting customers.

- YOU ARE CUSTOMER FOCUSED and do not feel a need to talk about yourself and you have a natural talent for redirecting the conversation towards them.

4.) Must live within daily driving distance of Sparta, Tennessee

5.) Having barista or cafe experience is a big plus.



1.) Responsible for auditing all incoming kitchen ingredients are organic (USDA Certified or Locally Verified Farmers). This includes assigning your team to package day old products and making sure ingredients are fresh.

2.) Responsible for hiring, training, and management of your team. This includes filling in for them in prepping, cooking, baking when they can't make it.

3.) Responsible for making sure pastries, breads, and sandwiches are out at specified hours every day. You will create and maintain schedule for daily baking in the morning and daily prep in the afternoons.

4.) Inspire team to be creative once staples are complete and make your own creative seasonal contributions to the menu and daily specials of soups and sandwiches made from organic vegetables from in house farmers.

5.) Ensure team arranges pastries, breads, and sandwiches in an aesthetically appealing way. (This includes properly filling out ingredient cards.)


You will be required to show pictures and prepare samples for your interview.

Do not send us an email and pray it works out, make sure you get in phone contact one of the owners.

You may send your resume ahead of your call.


Let us know if there are any changes you require. Starts immediately for the right person. Let’s go!

Call Chris or John Now: 931-738-3888

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