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Wildflower Honey

Wildflower Honey


Culinary Benefits: The wildflower honey show off the most floral notes out of any hives in our collection.  This honey is thicker than others and will crystalize fairly quickly when exposed to low temperatures. Just drop it in warm water to return it to its original form.


Nutritional Benefits:   The greatest benefit of honey is its practical application in replacing sugar in our lives. Sugar is an inflammatory and makes our bodies acidic inviting sickness, cancer, and slows healing.  As a bonus it's great for allergies if you are not into comb honey.  This honey is thicker than others and is natural packed with pollen to help build up your natural immunity.

1.) Full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.

2.) Soothe sore throats.

3.) Great with tea for morning sickness.

4.) Improves gut health and show to aid in the reduction of stomach ulcers and chronic gastrointestinal problems.

5.) Improves athletic performance by maintaining glycogen levels and improving recovery time.


About the Apiarists: This is a true southern honey if there ever was one. We source from over 15 holistic beekeepers the majority coming from Tennessee. This particular batch contains comb from the Cumberland Plateau including the towns of Sparta, Spencer, Dayton, Pikeville and Dunlap. Thank you for choosing our beekeepers to nourish your family.


Are you a holistic beekeeper? We need you. Call to join the cooperative and get more for your honey and cooperative benefits.

  • Shipping Note

    Gallon and Half Gallon Jars may be substituted for quarts to ensure safe delivery. If you really need the large jar please attach a note so we know to add one.

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