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Crops from farmers who respect God's Design,

Raised for families with higher standards.



We are farmers, millers, and families, united in our common bond to protect those we love against the growing genetic and chemical contamination of our land, crops, animals, and children.  Join a food culture that rejoices in the abundance and good health that results from beyond organic crops in God's Design.


10 Food Companies Control Everything We Buy and it's Killing Us.

It's obvious that our food system is broken. From farm subsidies that ensure farmers go broke raising chemical dependent crops genetically compromised crops to food companies that do not have our health in mind.  For those of us awake we realize it is quite the opposite. Many of our closest friends and family have died of cancer and still more are dealing with chronic weight problems and disease, not to mention the constant threat of GMO's and mRNA in every day food.  Instead of fighting it we decided to opt out in a farmers cooperative together to protect and nourish our families, friends, and neighbors.  If you agree, join the tribe.  

Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

112 Beyond Organic Farmers
Collaborating in God's Abundance

Instead of living in fear and lack always worrying about competition.  We stay true to our PURPOSE of protecting and nourishing the next generation by opting out of the existing broken system. By uniting in clear standards and sharing equipment & resources in collaboration we are able to create health, wealth and abundance for all involved.

Free of Genetic Manipulation

As a cooperative we oppose all mRNA or transgenic modification of people, animals, feed, and fertilizers. Staying true to God's genetic design.

Free of Chemical Interference

Many of our friends and family died of cancer, so we don't need more chemicals in our bodies. Instead of manipulating nature we choose to build natural systems that mimic nature without the use of chemicals or synthetic fertilizers.

Free of Additives, Shortcuts and Preservatives

FDA approved unlisted ingredients, fake additives that are illiegal in other countries, biotech inovations, highly processed components, and preservatives; we don't want it in our food!


Don't let Chemical and Genetic Waist Destroy Your Family's Health, Farmlands, and Community.

We don't need to fix a broken ag, food, and pharma system, we just need to make the conscious decision to opt out of it completely. We can do this by collaborating instead of competing in an alliance of like minded families, farmers, and shop keepers to protect and nourish the next generation. 

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