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Comb Honey

Comb Honey


Culinary Benefits:  It is surprising how many Americans have never eaten comb or much less know what to do with it. Comb is traditionally sliced thin with a wood knife and toped on hot sourdough bread, oat cereal or southern biscuits.

Nutritional Benefits:  Comb honey has the highest concentrations of natural bee pollen and royal jelly well known to provide some surprising benefits.
1.) Improves fertility and sexual performance in men and women.
2.) Excellent support for muscle-building.
3.) As a topical it is effective against acne, age spots (provided your diet isn't poor)
4.) Helps stablize metabolism for weight control. (provided you have healthy eating habits)
5.) Boost alergy resistance. This would be the ideal choice for easing allergies (not to be confused with symptoms of chem-trails) especially if you live in the same temperate zone where the bees collect pollen.
6.) Slows macular degeneration, signs of aging, and hair loss.  (This is specifically in reference to royal jelly found in the comb. Royal jelly is fed to a queen bee that helps her live up to 7 years beyond the drones which typically have a lifespan of less than a year.

About the Apiarists: This is a true southern honey if there ever was one. We source from over 15 holistic beekeepers the majority coming from Tennessee. This particular batch contains comb from north Georgia (Just south of Chattanooga TN) and mountain honey from the Appalachia hills on the North Carolina Tennessee Border. Thank you for choosing our beekeepers to nourish your family.

Are you a holistic beekeeper? We need you. Call to join the cooperative and get more for your honey and cooperative benefits.

  • Shipping Note

    Gallon and Half Gallon Jars may be substituted for quarts to ensure safe delivery. If you really need the large jar please attach a note so we know to add one.

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