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Cracker Cattle Premium Hide

Cracker Cattle Premium Hide


Approximate Size

Width: 75''

Legnth: 95''


The Florida Cracker is one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the United States, descending from Spanish cattle brought to the Americas in the early 1500s. As the Spanish colonized Florida and other parts of the continent, they established typical Spanish low-input, extensive cattle-ranging systems. The Florida Cracker and other breeds that developed under these conditions are called “Criollo” cattle, which means, “of European origin but born in the New World.”



Cowhide rugs are a 100% natural product. This means none of the color patterns are identical because every animal has a coat of fur that’s different. The rug you see in the photo will vary slightly from the rug you receive.

  • Know the Difference!

     ✅ Heavier and more durable than traditional hides.

     ✅ Sourced from larger cattle.

     ✅ No residual tanning oder.

     ✅ Longer lasting shine.

     ✅ Optimal tanning process to retain hair long term.

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