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Farro Pizza Flour Blend

Farro Pizza Flour Blend

$8.83 Regular Price
$7.51Sale Price

This is our in house pizza dough flour. Delight in the taste and satisfaction of old world grains stone milled and lightly sifted to create the perfect nutrient dense pizza dough flour.  Farro Grande is known as a complete protein with all 9 essential amino accids and a low glycemic index so you can avoid the sugar crash and be satisfied for hours. You'll notice a sweeter nuttier taste that will perfectly compliment your fresh mozzarella, basil, and slow cooked tomato sauce. Buon Appetito.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Farro Grande, Organic Hard Red Wheat


Raw Flour: This product has a month shelf life but will store best in the freezer or fridge.

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