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Radish Bunch!

Radish Bunch!


CSA Pickup Only
Ordering online will place you in our CSA (community supported agriculture) drop and have your organic vegetables harvested and dropped fresh every Saturday after 12pm.  We'll keep them in the cooler till you pickup. You will receive store credit for any unavailable crop.  Thank you for supporting these exceptional organic farmers!


Classic red table radishes, the perfect accent to a salad that will add spice and a refreshing crispness. They have a texture similar to watercress, but with a nice peppery bite to them. Try these sliced thin on pizza, sandwiches, and tacos. Especially tasty when quick-pickled and garnishing Carnitas! To highlight the sweetness and tone down the spice they can be roasted, braised, or grilled. They are mostly mild and sweet in the late fall and winter, with a bolder flavor and spiciness as the weather warms up.


Raised by Farmer Ray and Ashley Tyler

Price Options
CSA Drop
Priority Harvest Every Saturday
$5.00every 12 weeks for 144 weeks
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