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CSA Pickup Only
Ordering online will place you in our CSA (community supported agriculture) drop and have your organic vegetables harvested and dropped fresh every Saturday after 12pm.  We'll keep them in the cooler till you pickup. You will receive store credit for any unavailable crop.  Thank you for supporting these exceptional organic farmers!


Rosemary is a very pungent, pine-scented herb. The taste is sharp and sage like, with a bright lemon-pine, balsamic, slightly woody flavor. Use it in small amounts or blended with other herbs to give a flavor boost to dishes like roasted potatoes, fatty meats, veggies, soups, stocks, hearty stews, herbed breads and oils. Make it approachable by finely chopping the leaves and making a rosemary salt, try it on your morning eggs! If you don't use all of it, hang it anywhere in your house to dry and use later.


Raised by Farmer Ray and Ashley Tyler

Price Options
CSA Drop
Priority Harvest Every Saturday
$3.50every week for 12 weeks
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